Lighthouse Industries, LLC

About Us

History and Background
Being a small business in a highly specialized field, you will find our expertise in the radome industry to be quite extensive and very competitive.  Time and time again our Radome Engineering Division has installed a radome for less cost than the manufacturer, without sacrificing quality or time.

Over the years, many contracts and purchase orders have been awarded to us on a competitive bid.  These contracts serve as excellent references of our performance in the radome industry.  Point of contacts and phone numbers of many of our happy customers can be provided to you on request.  For a list of names, visit our references page above or click here.

We have the facilities and trained personnel to immediately respond to any of your radome needs, such as cleaning, installation, repair, lightning protection, and etc.

Since 1979, the Radome Engineering Division has secured numerous contracts with the Federal Aviation Administration to do maintenance on their existing radomes throughout the United States and possessions. 

From 1988 to present, we have been the sole contractor to the United States Army at the Aberdeen Proving Ground for radome inspection, repair, painting and maintenance on their 210' air supported radome.

We look forward to quoting your next job and helping with ALL your radome needs!

Learn more about our radome services on the Radome Engineering page.

In addition, the Lighthouse Restoration Division of Lighthouse Industries, LLC is devoted exclusively to the maintenance, repair and refurbishment of lighthouses; our country's heritage!

Restoring these guiding lights since 1976, the Lighthouse Restoration Division is quite proud of the extensive resume of lighthouses that have distinguished us in this unique industry. 

A longtime member of the United States Lighthouse Society, we are dedicated to maintaining these national treasures. Learn more about this on our Lighthouse Restoration page.

Recent Activity
Lighthouse Industries, LLC is a qualified subcontractor to L-3 Communications. Since 2011 we have worked with L-3 on their new multi million dollar contract to NOAA & the National Weather Service to upgrade all the NEXRAD Doppler weather radar stations to Dual Polarization. After receiving our initial training at the National Weather Service home base in Norman, Oklahoma, we successfully embarked on upgrading all the Florida Doppler Weather Radar domes to this new technology in time for the hurricane season of 2012. This project has given our employees & company new growth and experience as radar technicians. The existing wave guides inside the radomes are removed as new wave guides are installed directly on the antennae. Old software is updated into the computer and the entire system is recalibrated to start sending and receiving new data. This upgrade process requires a three man team and approximately 10 days from start to finish. It is the largest single upgrade to our weather system in the United States since 1988 when the NEXRAD project was originally installed.

Lighthouse Industries also works with L-3 Communication ESSCO as a subcontractor to perform maintenance to the NEXRAD radomes. This maintenance consists of inspecting, cleaning & painting the radomes as well as repairing & replacing panels when needed.