Lighthouse Industries, LLC

Radome Engineering

Radome Engineering & Maintenance 

The Radome Engineering Division of Lighthouse Industries, LLC. is a company that is devoted exclusively to the maintenance, repair and installation of radomes worldwide.

Staff and personnel at Lighthouse Industries, LLC., have a combined experience profile of well over 50 years in the radome industry. Our expertise covers all types and sizes of radomes, including air supported and rigid fiberglass.

Originally in the radome business as High Structure Maintenance, LLC since the early 1970's, Lighthouse Industries can service all of your radome needs. From installing a radome or offering general maintenance on your existing radome. We have successfully performed work from the outback of Australia to the frozen icecaps of Greenland. Private enterprise and various branches of the government have used our expertise to solve their radome problems.

Here's a sampling of the many services we can provide to you for your radome needs: 
  • Site development and planning
  • Shipping of radome and equipment to site
  • Complete turn key installations include all personnel and equipment logistics, with minimum downtime.
  • Replacement of the interior equipment by removing part of the radome as needed, installing new equipment, and putting the dome back together
  • Panel refurbishment and repair
  • Tower modification for tower mounted radomes
  • Base ring modification for ground mounted radomes
  • Quick response time to emergencies domestically or overseas
Inspection of existing radomes for preventative maintenance: 
  • Bolt torqueing
  • Caulking inspection
  • Water testing for leaks and preventing leaks
  • Lightning rod and grounding wire inspection
  • Applying hydrophobic coatings
  • Repair of accessories such as aircraft warning lights and emergency backup systems
  • Replacing panels
  • Replacing worn snow ropes
  • Providing detailed written reports outlining the overall condition of your radome